Lorien Health Korea

Special Unit for Korean Elders.

Since the early 2000’s, Dr. Song – who was the president of the Korean American Association of Howard County, Maryland, decided to advocate Korean seniors to maintain their dignity and respect for their long term care with the elected officials. She created the center for Korean elders residing together for their long term care so that they can enjoy unique Korean culture by using Korean language and food in Lorien Health System

Lorien Health System supported the idea of this monumental solution to fill the needs of the Korean American community which is the highest minority population in Howard County.

Therefore, the Korean Filial Nursing Home was opened at Lorien Columbia.

Soon after, Baltimore County also recognized the need for similar services, so Lorien Health expanded the Korean unit at the Mays Chapel location.

Who we care for at Lorien Korea :

  • If you require assistance in eating, walking, dressing, bathing, toileting….etc
  • Persons with dementia
  • Rehabilitation needs after discharge from the hospital
  • Need a PT because of an illness such as arthritis
  • Need a kidney dialysis
  • Persons seeking to lessen the burden from their family and loved ones
  • Persons looking for a comfortable home with Korean speaking staff

Document preparation for admittance to Lorien Health Korea:

  • Private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or LTC health insurance card
  • Permanent Residence Card(Green Card) Or US Citizenship
  • Most recent medical records (within 30 days)

Medical benefits that residents could receive from Lorien Health Korea:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Diabetes Treatment
  • Kidney Dialysis Management
  • 24Hour Nursing Care
  • Heart Attack Rehabilitation
  • 24/7 Treatment
  • Enjoy Korean culture including traditional holiday
  • Assistance for any type of religious activity
  • Korean language staff
  • Korean meal service

If you are interested in our nursing home or need more information, please call 443-761-1444 or email to lorienhealthkorea@gmail.com